2013-03-05: Python program to analyse open street map files

This project uses xslt to parse an open street map file and analyses the contents to calculate the total length of all named streets in the file. The source code is in this repository.

2013-03-04: C++ program to analyse open street map files

This project parses an open street map file and analyses the contents to calculate the total length of all named streets in the file. The source code is in this repository.

2013-03-01: Mycroft location sharing tool being updated to display open street map data

I am currently updating the mycroft android app to display map data from the open street map project. The source code is in this repository.

2013-02-09: An instrument for monitoring magnetic fields

This project uses an ATMEGA8 with three seven segment displays. It uses three hall effect sensors and the concept is that it will be able to measure magnetic fields on three axes, and report total magnitude and direction. The source code is in this repository.

2012-12-29: General purpose instrument for monitoring environmental factors

I am building an instrument around an ATMEGA8515 microcontroller. It will have a nine digit seven segment display and a 12 key keypad. It will have a few different additional inputs and outputs. I am currently writing a small real time operating system for this device.

2012-11-29: RPN Calculator for QT

As an experiment I have written an RPN calculator in QT Designer. There is a linux binary at the top of the repository if you want to run it directly.

2012-11-26: Publishing modified gr-air-modes

I have a Newsky TV301U (RTL2832U + E4000) DVB-T receiver which I bought online. This device can be used as a software defined radio. I wanted to use it as an ADS-B receiver so I installed gr-air-modes which gave me MODE-S data in the form of text.

I wanted to see the resulting tracks visually so I wrote a tactical display but to get that working the way I like I modified gr-air-modes to give me a simple comprehensive output format which I could use for my HMI.

Along the way I built myself an antenna for 1090Mhz based on this design.

2012-11-25: Weblog now using xslt

This saves a lot of manual work and avoids editing mistakes.

2012-11-24: Openmoko sorted out

I had wanted to get pure debian running on the openmoko but I needed to log in to SHR to run the installation script. Unfortunately USB ethernet is broken on recent ubuntu versions and I had issues installing straight debian on one of my laptops. Eventually I found that usb ethernet works fine on ubuntu 9.04 so I tried the debian install script on the openmoko but hit a problem with fdisk on SHR. So thats no-go but I did install qtmoko on the openmoko. It is based on debian so it may do what I want with a serial interface to the AVR.

Job for tomorrow is to get host mode working on the USB port and try a USB to serial adapter.

2012-11-23: My 5 watt photo cell array generates 12 watts of power

$20 5W PV cell array from Altronics

Rated absolute maximum power output 5W +- 5%

I get 0.37A to a 34 ohm load for 12.58 watts

This is in my back yard, not in the mallee, and manually pointing the array at the sun.

I also got 0.39A into a 1.8 ohm load so internal resistance is a factor. Every time I increased load resistance I got more power. Have to stop now because I have fried my resistors.

2012-11-21: Robot control system

Okay so this is the plan:

  1. I need to put debian on one of my openmoko phones
  2. Connect a USB to serial adaptor to the phone
  3. Configure an AVR ATMEGA8515 microcontroller to talk to the moko through its serial interface
  4. Pull apart one of our old remote control cars
  5. Build some interface hardware for the car. Push-pull drivers for the traction motor. Maybe servo control for the front wheels
  6. Install a small lead acid battery and a voltage regulator 7805?
  7. Profit!

But so far I am stuck at getting TCP/IP over USB to work on ubuntu again. I had to fix my netboot environment and that works now but USB networking seems not to work on the ubuntu live CD environments. Currently downloading debian 6.0.6 live